Fake Record

by Trap Her Keep Her

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Fake Record is a collection of songs loosely tied together by the theme of censorship & not having your voice be able to be heard because of varied reasons. A scene so cluttered with the same shit, it's practically the anonymous plagiarizing the anonymous to the point where no message truly has any impact anymore.

Honesty is a quality wasted on the weak minded, because we have been born & raised to lie to each other, to censor ourselves to present something more socially acceptable. Thus the lost kid becomes the punk, then the punk becomes the college student, the college student becomes the businessman, and the businessman dies, in debt and alone, to make room for the same kid who used to be lost just like he was before. We follow a path so similar to each other after time, it surpasses cliché and simply becomes comical reprise. This isn't the life you want to live. This isn't the family you always wanted. You are settling, because you are afraid to die alone.

Fake Record is a record that is designed to let you know that even if you have backed yourself into a corner and allowed this to happen to yourself, and you're not fucking comfortable with it, you are not alone. This record is filled with conflicting emotions & messages, and is designed to be that way, but at the end of the day, it boils down to one thing: you may have to fake the emotions to be the man you need to be, but at the end of the day, you still have the choice to be the man or woman you really need to be, even in the face of adversity and being broke. Do not let the image compromise the art. These songs are tongue in cheek, but the message as grim as death: these songs are fake, and I am fake, and this is all hopeless.


released June 13, 2012

Vincent Beigel - Bass/Vocals
Jed Bookout - Vocals
Hans Cruz - Guitar
Ryan Longmore - Drums

Diamond Jeff Collier - Mixing/Engineering
Jesse Banuelos - Vocals on II
Richard Gorth - Vocals on V
Carlos Aguado - Album Artwork



all rights reserved


Trap Her Keep Her Palmdale, California

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Track Name: I
Set the record straight, these songs will never reach a target audience. You can't write songs for a demographic, only for yourself. Don't you fucking tell me what to say.
Track Name: II
So now my back's against the wall. I always break before I fall. Just a taste of a better escape that I couldn't muster. And all my words have disappeared, this is the day I always feared: the day the pen could only cross words out. And now my life has disappeared, this is the day I always feared, this is the day where my mouth crossed out. I will not fade away. I will not fade away.
Track Name: III
Let's talk about censorship and what it did to me: I know it's not an easy topic. My words, they went from something filled with power to something you deemed hurtful. Well "F" this? FUCK YOU! This is my retort, it's time to let this out. Just take the useless censorship and stick all the way inside your ass. What! Empower me, deflower me, devour me, chew me up & spit me out. War is not the only option.
Track Name: IV
If you've got a tank top and you got a backpack, start a hardcore band. Spread the message of brotherhood, let your people know it's ONE for the money, TWO for the show. And if two's not enough, then your scene is done for. Bring your scene together, don't let it fall apart. Do not let the image compromise your art. For every chant and every mosh part, you're taking focus off the artists who truly care at all. It's just a fist in the face of irony.
Track Name: V
Fade to black and repeat the offer I encouraged. I'm just a face in a sea of faceless clones and I still walk the line every time, so repeat the offer. I'm losing time stuck in this line, somebody free me from this Hell, still losing sleep over every goddamn thing. Life can take its toll and the road has never felt so far away. Life can take its toll and the road has never felt so far. Lose every inch of self control I have: FIGHT THE POWER. Lose every inch of self control I have: FUCK THE RECORD, FUCK THE RECORD.
Track Name: VI
If fair is fair: then fucked is fucked. I'm losing every bit of integrity I had. If fair is fair: then fucked is lost. I've lost every bit of self control I had. This love is irony, the romance has been destroyed between the road and the songs I wrote with all my best friends. THESE SONGS ARE TONGUE IN CHEEK, BUT THE MESSAGE AS GRIM AS DEATH. THIS RECORD'S FAKE AND I AM FAKE AND THIS IS ALL HOPELESS. This is all hopeless, this is all just fucking hopeless.
Track Name: VII
As soon as everything became clear to me, I realized the target audience up and fucking turned against me. We're just another face in a sea of faceless clones. If I had a motherfucking dime for every time I received the honesty I wanted, I would be stuck broke, no joke, no hokey bullshit, just mistakes that I made and all the records I faked. Replacing irony with honesty, in hopes of reform. IN HOPES OF REFORM. I'm just another face in a sea of faceless clones, picking bones with every bitter soul who wanted nothing more than to break us down. Nothing more than to break us down.
Track Name: VIII
Color me confused! I used to think I hated you, but now I need you more than ever. I understand it now, I need to make you proud. I need to make you proud. THINK OF ALL THE KIDS, THINK OF ALL THE KIDS. The message is of hope and not despair: hate was SUCH a waste of time. Now all I have is hope. Think of all the children when you sleep at night! THIS IS SUCH A JOKE. I CAN'T KEEP THIS UP. THIS RECORD'S FAKE AND SO AM I. RECORD'S FAKE AND SO AM I. SO AM I. SO AM I. SO AM I. THIS RECORD'S FAKE AND SO AM I.